Friday, August 28, 2009

Ethanol in Gasoline caused our fuel system problem

Today I worked on resolving our fuel system issues we were having. On left hand corners we were losing fuel pressure unless the tank was completely full. On a left 3- double caution exposure outside (sharp left, cliff on outside of corner) we lost fuel pressure and spun 360 hitting the forest wall opposite the cliff with both bumpers as we spun. Scary!

What had caused this was weakening and dissolving of a rubber boot on the bottom of the fuel pump. A hole had formed and on left turns at high speed the fuel would leave this hole exposed and air entered the pump instead of fuel. We tried to keep the tank full, but between rally stages this is not always possible. Nothing is more frustrating than losing control when your drifting because of a problem like this. It makes things interesting!

I replaced the old fuel pick up with a small reservoir and supply pump off a newer Saab. I can't hear if the supply pump is working, but we will do some testing to make sure the issue is 100% fixed.

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