Friday, September 4, 2009

Car Is Shaping Up, Almost Ready For Wild West Rally 2009

Today I replaced the supply pump with one that actually works, and the fuel system appears to be operating great. There is one hose (3 inches or so in length) in the fuel tank that may be natural rubber. We will have to keep an eye on it to make sure the ethanol doesn't dissolve it.

I also soldered a diode onto the Alternator Exciter circuit, to solve the ignition run-on problem we were having.  The car shuts down much more predictably now and its much safer.  A lot of cars with aftermarket wiring or ignition systems can have issues with this.  Electricity can backflow through the Alternator Exciter wire and feed the whole fuse box with power even after the Ignition Switch, or Emergency Cut-off switch, is turned off.  A diode prevents the current from flowing backwards, but still allows it to excite the Alternator.

The list is getting very small, even though I added a few things:
  • Alignment
  • Pick up my used tires from another race team, mount on wheels
  • Sand paint smooth where stickers go
  • Re-adjust drivers side harness
  • Clean up some rusty metal on drivers side front wheel well
  • General cleaning (Incl. Rain-X)
Almost ready for Wild West Rally 2009!

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