Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wild West Rally 2009 Preperation Update / Pictures

Just about ready for Wild West Rally 2009. James got some more work done this weekend on the rally car. Alignment has been done (so he says), he installed a cardboard barrier between the truck and the cockpit to keep dust out, removed and modified/fixed the skid plate, and changed the fluids. James was surprised at all the metal shavings that came out of the transmission, but I assured him this is normal. This transmission has been a miracle for us so far, but it is whinning pretty bad and has endured a lot of abuse and not always had enough fluid.

Watch for our live twitter updates both here and with the rest of the competitors on the Results page of the Wild West Rally 2009 homepage. Just click "live updates through twitter" on the results page. for live scoring and twitter updates during the rally, or visit the Wild West Rally Homepage for more information about the event.



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