Friday, November 20, 2009

Pacific Northwest Rally Championship Results

The Quinn Morley / James VonProtzeller team in our 1975 Saab 99 EMS Rally car finished FIRST place in NOVICE class, and FOURTH place in GROUP 2 class! (2wd, non-turbo less than 2,400 CC) in the Pacific Northwest Rally Championship.

These results are the product of hundreds of hours of hard work from EVERYONE involved with this team. I'd like to thank several people for help and support, FIRSTLY James O'Conner for helping us get this thing SAFE before Doowop Rally, without his help this season wouldn't have been possible. I'd also like to thank all of our service crew volunteers, Jens Nordseth, Josh Reed, Mel McAllister, Aelén Mabillé and Katie; and Steve Janny for letting us borrow their crew at Idaho. Thanks to Robert Gobright for letting me sleep in the back of his truck, and to Mike Goodwin, we really appreciate all the tools and supplies you let us borrow at Wild West, one day hopefully our operation will be as professional as yours.

Thanks to our SPONSORS: Chris from PROYECTO for the stickers, I'm sure they're awesome but haven't seen them yet! MABILLÉ Photography for sending us MONEY, and another thanks to Aelén Mabillé of LENNY-PHOTO for taking awesome pictures of us.

I'm really happy with this season! 5 rallies on the absolute cheapest budget anyone could do. Thanks to everyone who helped us this year, sorry If I left anyone out!

Here is the link to the Pacific Northwest Rally Championship Standings:

This year our car went from THIS:

Saab Rally Car At DooWop Rally 2009
From DooWop Rally 2009
Saab Rally Car At Oregon Trail Rally 2009
From Oregon Trail Rally
to THIS:

Saab Rally Car At Wild West Rally 2009
From Wild West Rally
Quinn Morley, James Protzeller, And the Saab 99 EMS Rally car at Wild West Rally 2009
From Wild West Rally
And now its getting worse again:

Saab Rally Car At Wild West Rally 2009
From Wild West Rally
Looking forward to Big White Winter Rally, and then NEXT SEASON!!

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