Saturday, March 20, 2010

Olympus Rally 2010: Getting the Saab Ready

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Getting the rally car ready for Olympus Rally 2010.  I've been taking my time and trying to do a good job on everything.  Last weekend James and I got the doors on, put the back window in, and got the exhaust on.  I might fire it up tomorrow and go for a test drive, or I might wait until Monday.  It should run good because this engine was a strong runner in another Saab 99 of mine.  We put the 287-302 camshaft in, and this motor already had an adjustable cam gear installed.

Here is the list of things we have to complete before the Olympus Rally:
  • Rebuild a spare slave cylinder
  • Secure rear brake line
  • Install Rear bumper / extraction point
  • Learn how to wire fuel gauge into rally computer (or fashion a measuring stick)
  • After market temp gauge
  • Pop dents out of front drivers side fender. (with 2x4's)
  • Reverse light switch
  • Heater fan motor switch
  • Fix wiper washer motor
  • Slot hood
After the race I want to pull the engine again because I'm not happy with the gear ratios.  I feel I will be OK on the roads here, but I don't want to do the Oregon rallies or Wild West Rally without lower gearing.

UPDATE 3/29/10:  Took car for a test drive, we installed the new (old?) rear bumper, got the doors working good, popped some dents out (as good as they are going to get). Can't wait for Olympus Rally!

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