Sunday, April 25, 2010

Olympus Rally 2010: Out after day 1

The Saab 99 EMS survived the treacherous roads yesterday, but towards the end of the day we succumbed to engine failure. There were some very loud noises coming from the motor during Tahola W, and they got worse, eventually slowing our progress. We made it into rally service, but pushed the car the last few hundred yards to preserve what was left of the engine. After some troubleshooting we realized it was a catastrophic failure and withdrew from the event. Crane creek was a fun stage, Tahola was smooth and fast, and wreck creek was bad ass. Overall, day one makes you feel lucky to have a car left at all. We had a good time, and as always, learned a lot.

Today for day two Jens and I will be heading to Smith Creek stage to watch with some friends that I met at Doo Wop Rally last month.

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