Monday, October 19, 2009

Mt Hood Rally Preparations Continue

Getting ready for Mt Hood Rally! This weekend we successfully swapped front windows with my daily driver, so our car can be rally ready. There was some minor cracking on the windshield that won't matter much on a road car.
We also installed the Saab Sport and Rally headers, and welded on some random exhaust sections so the car has a complete exhaust system.

James discovered that the cam timing was indeed off but quite a bit, and moved the chain a couple teeth to bring it from over 30 degrees off to about 6 degrees off, which is a significant improvement. I have no idea why this had happened and we decided not to pull the timing cover off to investigate. We're not taking this bitch to mars, just oregon.

James (who seems excited to have taken over between-rally servicing this time) is hard at work putting all the bits under the hood back together, and soon we should have a complete car again.

More updates this week, and look for live blog, twitter and photo updates from us at Mt Hood Rally 2009.

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