Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mt Hood Rally 2009

We had to withdrawl from the event after completing recce, because the rally car suffered some mechanical issues while james was driving it down. Jens and I stayed and took some pictures. I'll update a little more later, but we had fun! It's still too bad we couldn't race, the roads were amazing and I was really excited.

Update: For the record we were marshaling at Instruction 15 on Gilhouley S, and took photos at instruction 12 (hairpin, radio control) for awhile, and also spent some time at instruction 16/17 (the two 'surprise!' trees). Good time, even had to patch a fuel line with a piece of bicycle inner-tube, which at press time seems to be a still permanent fix. Added photo locations (accurate to the corner) for all pictures in the picasa album.

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